Drag and drop the shapes and make the image.

Put each shape in its place.

Skills and first contact and use of computers.

The screen shows 6 shapes with different colors each and 6 slots with recesses corresponding to these shapes. The child is asked to take and draw each shape and leave it in the correct slot of the shape. In case of error the shape returns to its original position. When all the shapes are in the correct position, the shapes are replaced with others. A total of 5 groups of 6 different shapes appear at a time with increasing difficulty that alternate with each other. We gain 2 points with each correct placement of a shape and we lose 1 point with each incorrect placement. Buttons: Red: Exit the game. Orange: We change the group of shapes. Pink: We activate the help with an animated cartoon that shows us where to place the shape we got. Online educational game for children of special and preschool education. It can run on Windows, Android, IOS, Mac OS, Linux.


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