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This tier is intended exclusively for teachers who are also advanced users. Before subscribing as a VIP member please make sure that you are familiar with WordPress, Sensei, GamiPress and H5P.

VIP membership (€20 per month) provides unlimited access to all the on line learning games in the "Play" section of our page ( plus unlimited access to all the on line teaching tools in the "Teach" section of our page ( plus the ability to send links to customized interactive activities depending on the learning goal (this will be available by the end of November 2022). You will also have access your own Learning Management System in a Kidmedia sub-domain (eg .

When you become a Patron you will receive an email in less than 2 working days, notifying you for your login details. For security reasons, you will have to set your password yourself.

After you have successfully set your password, you will be able log in here:

After completing the registration, we will inform you immediately about the creation of your own subdomain with an integrated Learning Management System. You will be able to add your students, create courses and lessons, and also create your interactive activities using the H5P system.

You can upload up to 500 Mbytes of your content.



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